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In this post, you may know how to link Aadhaar to pan card with email and SMS. This linking of Aadhaar card with a pan card is necessary for the income tax India e filing portal.

Being a taxpayer in India, you must be aware of the significance of linking Aadhaar with a PAN card. The CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) mentioned in its notifications of 2019 that taxpayers are now mandated to link Aadhaar card with PAN. Failure in linking would result in the inoperativeness of PAN.

Earlier, the last date for Aadhaar-PAN linking as announced by the IT Department was March 31, 2020. But, due to the emergence of coronavirus pandemic, this date has been extended to June 30, 2020.

How to Link Aadhaar with Pan Card & Is it Mandatory?

Many of the taxpayers or other citizens are still in a dilemma about whether linking PAN with Aadhaar is necessary. The answer is simple. Yes, it is mandatory to link PAN with Aadhaar for the taxpayers whether individuals or entities. The Supreme Court had passed a constitutional judgment on September 26, 2018, to link Aadhaar with pan card some identification and other documents. PAN card has been one of these documents.

This portal operates under the provisions of the Income Tax Act. In the recent notifications, all the new and existing PAN cardholders must link their Aadhaar necessarily to file IT returns starting FY 2019-20. People failed to do so will have to deal with consequences such as the prohibition of IT return filing and revocation of PAN validity unless certain exemption.    

Advantages of Aadhaar-Pan Card Linking

Recent notifications by Income Tax Department indicate that it has become now mandatory for all the individuals and entities to link their PAN with Aadhaar. It is necessary because no one can file IT returns online without linking PAN with Aadhaar. Apart from this, the following are some other benefits associated with PAN-Aadhaar linking:

  • One of the biggest advantages of linking PAN with Aadhaar is for the taxpayers. The main aim of taxpayers behind this linking is that they can file IT returns without any hassles through the online platforms.
  • It assists the government in tracking fake PAN cards used by people for hiding some part of taxable income. People do this in order to either pay no taxes or lesser taxes.
  • Many cases have been heard where people avoid tax payments with the help of multiple PAN cards. Linking of PAN with Aadhaar assists in preventing people from owning multiple PAN cards using which they can defraud the government.
  • Fake identification proofs help in financing drug trafficking or other illegal activities. Linking PAN with Aadhaar helps in diminishing occurrance of such activities.
  • People become unable to evade even a small tax amount as all the taxable transactions get recorded by the government.

Procedure to Link PAN Card with Aadhaar

As per the recent verdicts of the Supreme Court, Aadhaar holders can link their PAN card with Aadhaar. Also, the court has made Aadhaar mandatory for the taxpayers while income tax return filing and application of new PAN. Being an Aadhaar holder, you will be able to link it with your PAN card using four ways:

  1. By visiting the website of Income Tax e-filing
  2. Using the mobile phone by sending SMS
  3. Through PAN service centre 
  4. After logging in the Income Tax e-Filing portal

Linking Aadhaar Card with Pan Online

Income Tax e-filing is a government portal of Income Tax Department, Ministry of Finance India. This portal was established with the main aim of offering a single window access to all citizens and stakeholders to the income tax related services. If you are using this mode to link PAN with Aadhaar, you have two alternatives:

By Logging in the Income Tax India Portal

  • Visit the official portal of India’s Income Tax Department using the link   
  • If you have registered on the portal, skip the step. But, if you have not yet registered, make yourself registered on the portal by selecting the option “Register Yourself”. You will get this option on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter all the required information in the designated fields and submit it. Your registration will be completed once the information gets authenticated.
  • Once you become registered, you can log in to the account on the portal. Using the Login option, enter your details including date of birth, Login ID and password.login to india efilling
  • Click on the option “Link Aadhaar” which will redirect you to a new aadhaar to pan
  • After login, you will see a pop-up window on the screen prompting you for PAN-Aadhaar linking.
  • In case you do not receive any such pop-up window, you are required finding Link Aadhaar option manually. On the homepage after login, you will see “Profile Settings” on the blue panel. Click this section and you will get “Link Aadhaar” option.
  • In the new page, you are required submitting essential information such as PAN, Aadhaar number and Name mentioned in aadhaar pan information
  • In some cases, the date of birth is mentioned in the format YYYY rather than DD/MM/YYYY. Provide your consent regarding the same and tick on the box mentioning “I have only year of birth in Aadhaar Card”.
  • Below this, you will see a box prompting you to agree to validate Aadhaar details with UIDAI. Make sure that you tick the box as without this agreement, the Income Tax Department will not be able to validate mentioned Aadhar information with UIDAI.
  • Next step indicates filling security code in the given image.
  • For visually challenged users, concerned authorities have provided an option to use OTP in place of captcha image. Such users can click on Request OTP and enter registered mobile number. The users will receive the OTP that will help in proceeding further to link Aadhaar.
  • At the end of these fields, you will see two options “Link Aadhaar” and “Cancel”. Press the “Link Aadhaar” icon and your request for PAN-Aadhaar linking will be submitted.
  • A new page will open wherein you will see that your name, gender and date of birth will appear on screen. These details will be same as you provided while the registration process on this portal. This step requires you to verify these details whether matched with Aadhaar or not.
  • In case of successful verification, you should fill the Aadhaar number along with security code. Now enter the “Link Now” icon.
  • It will send a pop-up message on your screen informing about the successful linking of Aadhaar with PAN.linked aadhaar with pan card


  • There is a need of Aadhaar OTP when something minor mismatch happens in the Aadhaar name.
  • Carefully verify the details because gender and date of birth should be exact same in both the documents Aadhaar & PAN.
  • Linking will fail in a case the name is completely different in PAN and Aadhaar.
  • The user will require changing their name in either Aadhaar or PAN for matching the name in both the documents.

Aadhaar Pan Link Without Login the portal

  1. Go to the Income Tax Department portal and click on “Link Aadhaar” locate on left side with other aadhaar with pan without login
  2. You will redirect to a new page. Fill necessary information of PAN, Aadhaar number and your full name. It is noteworthy to enter your full name that is mentioned on aadhaar pan information
  3. If the Aadhaar contains only your birth year, then mark a tick on the mentioned box. If not, then ignore this box. Also, select “I agree to validate my Aadhaar details with UIDAI”.
  4. Enter security code in the section of “Captcha Code” with the help of given image. There is an option of “Request OTP” for visually users when they are unable to use Captcha code.
  5. Press “Link Aadhaar” given at the end of the page. This will send your request for linking PAN with Aadhaar to the authorities.

Pan Aadhaar Link Through mobile phone by SMS

If you are unable to link Aadhaar with PAN card through the website, you can use other modes as well. CBDT announced introduction of other modes for Aadhaar-PAN linking as per the notifications passed on June 29, 2017.   

This SMS-based facility requires taxpayers to register their mobile number in UIDAI and Income Tax e-Filing database. There are two PAN Service providers in India namely UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL) and NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited. You can send PAN-Aadhar linking SMS to any of these service providers.

Use these guidelines to link Aadhaar with PAN with the help of SMS-based facility.

  • Step 1: Type an SMS mentioning your Aadhaar number and PAN. Authorities have assigned a specific format to send this SMS. The format is:

UIDPAN <12 digit Aadhaar Number> <10 digit PAN>

(Remember to leave space before and after Aadhaar number)

As an instance, if your Aadhaar number is 123412341234 and PAN is ABCDE1111F, then your generated SMS will be: “UIDPAN 123412341234 ABCDE1111F”

  • Step 2: Send this SMS to 56161 or 567678.

Note: Ensure that you send SMS from registered mobile number. SMS-based mode to link Aadhaar with PAN is free of cost. There may be only SMS charges levied by the SMS operator.

Offline Pan Aadhaar Link with Manual Form Filling

There may be some cases where you become unable to link Aadhaar with PAN due to corrections required in PAN or Aadhaar. As per the notifications of CBDT, now the taxpayers can use a manual method to link PAN with Aadhaar. It is completely an error-free mode where you can make corrections in either of the documents while inter-linking them. Following are the simple steps to use manual method for the purpose:

  • Visit a PAN card service center of service providers UTIITSL or NSDL.
  • You will be handed over with a form “Annexure-1” at the service center by the operators.
  • Submit the form after filling necessary information correctly. Accompany the form with supporting documents namely duplicate printed copy of PAN card and Aadhaar card.

This mode is different from online service in terms of cost. It means that a small amount of money is applicable if you avail this service. The fee depends on the correction made in Aadhaar or PAN details while linking.

  • There is a fee of INR 25 for correction is there in Aadhaar card.
  • Another fee of INR 110 for correction of PAN card details.

In case of minor mismatch, no biometric authentication is mandatory. But, this authentication becomes legally compulsory when the operator finds major mismatch in Aadhaar and PAN details.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Your details in Aadhaar and PAN card should be identical in order to complete hassle-free linking process. These details are name, date of birth and gender.
  • In case of partial match of name in both the documents, you will receive an Aadhaar OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • You will get confirmation of linking after entering this OTP.
  • A user can still file IT returns if you have enrolled for Aadhaar but still deprived of Aadhaar number.
  • Therefore, you are required quotation of Enrolment ID while filing IT returns. You can get this EID on the acknowledgement slip received during enrolment process at the centre.
  • The Supreme Court has already cleared that obtaining Aadhaar is voluntary for Indian citizens. Therefore, people having exemption from tax payments do not require linking PAN with Aadhaar.
  • You can check the status online whether PAN has been linked with Aadhaar.
  • Visit the website of income tax, enter your PAN and Aadhaar number and you will get the status of PAN-Aadhaar linking.


Current reports of Income Tax Department indicate that more than 307 million PAN cards have been successfully linked so far till January 2020. Linking PAN with Aadhaar can help you in safeguarding from consequences such as tax evasion, illegal activities and others. If you are still thinking whether to link these crucial documents, then take few minutes to undertake the linking process and gift your business smooth functioning.

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