How to Lock and Unlock Aadhaar Card Biometric Data Online? – UIDAI

Citizens of different countries often have their own identification ID that is a must for each and every person residing in the country. For India, Aadhaar is that identification ID that every citizen must possess. The ID is used at several places such as when booking cooking gas or even when someone wants to issue a new mobile network surface. The main goal of Aadhaar is to have the information of every citizen for easy processing. To get Aadhaar a person has to go to an enrolment center and follow the steps that are required to get the Aadhaar. Then, after the Aadhaar application has been processed it is sent to the home of the applicant. So, it is actually very easy to acquire an Aadhaar. As you may note that Aadhaar card does contain the Biometric data of a person. One may need to lock or unlock their biometrics data if they need to safeguard it from something else.

Steps to Lock / Unlock Aadhaar Card Biometric Data Online

When someone wants to perform any job on Aadhaar, they must make sure that they are doing it in the right way. As it is a government document, one must be very sure when making the changes. Locking or unlocking the Adhaar card biometric data gives a person access to their biometrics. It is possible to verify the data within 10 minutes of unlocking the adhaar data. So, here are the steps which will help to lock/unlock:

Lock and Unlock Biometric Data in Aadhar Card

  • To do the locking or unlocking from the UIDAI portal one first needs to go visit the website,
  • Then choose the My Aadhaar tab and click on ‘Lock/Unlock Biometrics’ under the option of Aadhaar services.
  • Next, you will need to enter the 12-unique digits of your Aadhaar ID along with the security code and then click on ‘send OTP’. Then, enter the OTP in the specified box once it is sent to your registered mobile number.  
  • This step locks the biometrics data of the aadhaar. They will need to unlock it after that if they want to access it.
  • For unlocking, one needs to log in by entering the Aadhaar ID and security code. They will send you an OTP and you need to enter it into the box and click on ‘login’.
  • If you then click on ‘unlock’ your Aadhaar data will be available to you temporarily.
  • One thing that you need to make sure is to disable the unlock of the biometrics data within the locking time and date mentioned on the screen when you first unlock the data. If you fail to do so, Aadhaar will permanently lock your biometric data.
  • On the online portal, you can easily disable the biometrics data by entering the Aadhaar ID and the security code and then press on ‘Disable’ to go ahead with the locking.


These are the steps which allow you to lock or unlock your Aadhaar biometrics data whenever there is a need for it. We hope that the information will come handy as everyone should know the ways through which they can deal with the sensitive Biometrics data.

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